Translation of Medical and Pharmaceutical Documents

At German American Translations we have the necessary skills to translate medical and pharmaceutical documents. For our clients we have translated a wide array of medical and pharmaceutical documents from German to English and vice versa including:

  • Medical reports including dental records
  • Research reports
  • Operating and installation instructions, product brochures, and presentations for medical devices
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Marketing authorization documents for medicinal products
  • Correspondence with regulatory authorities

A  translator must have excellent language skills and a basic knowledge of medicine/pharmacology to translate medical or pharmaceutical documents. It is vital for a translator to fully understand the context and meaning of a text and to be familiar with the relevant terminology in order to be able to translate it precisely and accurately into the target language.


Yet, even a translator specialized in medicine or pharmacology – or a doctor or pharmacist – will not always know all of the technical terms used in the various medical and pharmaceutical disciplines. Medical and pharmaceutical translations thus often require in-depth research and are generally very demanding and time-consuming. A translator needs to work very conscientiously and pay special attention to detail when translating medical records and reports, laboratory results, research findings, technical information, active substance specifications, and so forth.