English <> German and German <> American English Translations

German American Translations offers professional translation services for English and German language pairs. We specialize in the translation of German documents into American English.



We guarantee top-qualtity translations and client satisfaction. We can make this promise because German American Translations owner Sylvia Mueller has outstanding qualifications. She is bilingual, holds a B.A. degree in German language and literature from Tufts University as well as a degree in translation from Heidelberg University, and has years of experience working as a translator.


Data Sheets

At German American Translations we translate data sheets, medical documentation, tables, lists, etc. at reasonable rates. When translating documents of this type, we do not charge you per line but rather per word or number of hours spent on the translation – whatever you prefer. Or else we can simply agree on a fixed price. Matching phrases are charged only once.


Areas of Specialization

We translate general texts of all kinds and offer translation services in the fields of medicine, life sciences, technology, quality management, drug regulatory affairs, business, marketing, and software.


Translations in German and American English Left: Brigitte Werner, Statue of Liberty / pixabay; right: GG-Berlin, Brandenburg Gate / pixelio

Berlin's state animal is the bear, commonly called the "Berliner Bär"