German American Translations offers professional translation services to help you communicate effectively in German and English. We specialize in the translation of German documents into American English. We promise you quality translations and excellent customer service.

Specialized in American English

Top-quality translations require knowledge of the translated subject, linguistic expertise, and cross-cultural competence. German American Translations owner Sylvia Mueller has these skills. She...

  • is bilingual,
  • earned a B.A. degree in German language and literature from Tufts University, Boston, Mass.,
  • holds a graduate degree in translation from Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg, Germany,
  • has years of experience working as a translator.

At German American Translations we are committed to ensuring client satisfaction, high-quality translations, and personal service. It is our goal to provide translation services that exceed expectations.


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Translation for the U.S. market Left: Brigitte Werner, Brandenburg Gate; right: Moritz Rothacker, Brooklyn Bridge / pixelio

On the way downtown